March 6-8, 2018 - Sonoma, CA
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Thomas Tansy

SunSpec Alliance
Tom Tansy is Chairman of the SunSpec Alliance (www.sunspec.org) where he leads the distributed energy industry's efforts to establish data and communication standards that enable seamless integration of solar PV and storage into the Smart Grid. Tom previously served as a board member for the Solar Energy Finance Association, as General Manager and Vice President of Business Development for Power-One (now part of ABB) and helped start electric vehicle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/.

The SunSpec Alliance has more than 100 stakeholders across the globe, including leading fleet operators, component suppliers, software developers, and utilities. SunSpec’s areas of focus include grid integration, finance data interchange, O&M data interchange, and cybersecurity. We currently manage quite a number of open source projects including: Pysunspec, a driver for SunSpec-compliant devices; the Open Solar Performance and Reliability Clearinghouse (oSPARC); SunSpec O&M Cost Modeling framework; SunSpec System Validation Platform; and SunSpec Dashboard.