March 6-8, 2018 - Sonoma, CA
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Miguel Zuniga

Director of Engineering
Experienced engineering director, who during his past 12 years in the field has worked with physical, virtual and cloud technologies.

He is a supporter of all open source projects and evangelist of using open source tools. Now he is part of Mirantis where he leads the Stacklight product and the Software as a Service platforms. He is one of the 3 main engineering directors.

During his free time he enjoys reverse engineering how technologies work just for the fun of it. Some of his favorite past and ongoing projects include:

Symantec Platform as a Service
Symantec Continuous CICD Service
Virtual HA Cluster using CentOS/RedHat Cluster Suite and VMware Server 1 (2006)
Automated datacenter provisioning and deployment using open source tools (2010)
Open source in-house S3 (2012)
OpenEscalar cloud management framework (ongoing)
Canister container management and provisioning (ongoing)

His past work experience includes:

Technical Director at Symantec
Sr Cloud Lead at Paypal
Tech Lead at Electronic Arts Digital Platform
Sr. Cloud Engineer at Rackspace Cloud Sites
Sr. Linux Engineer at GlaxoSmithKline
Sr. Linux Engineer at GE Corporate
International Contracts

Past talks:
Creating a Hybrid Cloud: Public + Openstack
Could you please pass me the PaaS?
Platform as a Service (Kubernetes/Mesos + Openstack)

My Speakers Sessions

Tuesday, March 6

2:10pm PST